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Sunkist Citrus

It's not a soda. It's a citrus company.

Sunkist Citrus Cooperative is an ever-changing collective of citrus growers who grow premium and delicious citrus. But they struggle to get that message across.

So, we created a robust social program to educate and inspire our audience to think of Sunkist as the creators of the premium product it is.

We were so ready for our close-up.


Over the course of two, 6-hour productions, we captured photo and video of our priority varietals just being their beautiful selves. One even took place on the top floor of an abandoned warehouse with no air conditioning during a Los Angeles summer. Pro tip – don't do that.

This updated look & feel served as the re-introduction of Sunkist as fresh citrus.

Then, the social mayhem began.


With a multi-layered, paid social approach, we pushed new life into our on-going social programming strategically engaging the right audience to bring them closer to the Sunkist family of citrus. We created educational varietal videos and custom OOH boards to promote each citrus as the star of its own show.

Across social, we placed our citrus babies throughout the feed and in paid placements across key platforms.

We also stepped outside the feed.

We used strategically-placed out of home placements, bringing our new look front and center and keep our brand top-of-mind.

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