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New Yorkers notoriously don't use their vacation time. Likewise, many travelers don't realize each island in Hawai‘i holds a unique experience.


To get New Yorkers to consider Hawai‘i as their next destination, we partnered with six New York brands to curate custom island experiences.

My role in this campaign was as ACD, and joined the team as the idea was going into production.


We launched using Metro cards in New York that doubled as potential golden tickets for winners.

Users were sent to a website where they could enter their Metro card number for a chance to win a trip.

To create awareness, custom marquee OOH boards were placed throughout New York City in key placements near Metro entrances.

We created a website where users would enter their Metro card information to learn if they were winners. Each island, paired with a respected New York brand, walked users through custom itineraries and experiences that matched their interests.

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